Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crystal Growing Mystical Tree Experiment

A fun easy experiment for all age group but for the young ones age 3 and under a little assistance with snipping the liquid bag and pouring it in the little case will still fascinate the little hands. They don't supply a lot of solution so it’s ideal to be careful and not to spill so your tree will be a full grown tree.

I have seen this experiment at many dollar stores such as Dollarama. Take a stroll to the toys aisle and see if you get lucky, if not you can easily purchase a packet like this through amazon. I would even try a regular toys store such as Toys R Us it may be called a Crystal Tree, Mystical Tree or Magical Tree it’s all the same experiment.

When you open the box and spread out all the pieces you can tell the magic to the growing the tree is the solution. The solution is made out of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate which is a soluble salt which is used as a fertilizer, a food additive and a fungicide. Best to keep a close eye to young children when using it so they don't consume it by accident.

I didn't experiment it on my own with Jaylin yet but I wonder if we poor the solution to a regular piece of cardboard what will happen, will we get the same result?

If you look closely to the tips of the tree you, it comes in different colors….some packets may contain one color ie: one of my trees is pink and the other is rainbow. It depends on the color you received and that will be the outcome of your tree. The solution is clear/colorless I am guessing its food coloring on the tips of the tree, that’s another good experiment to try out in the future. To dip the tips of a regular cardboard box with food coloring then add the solution. I may need to do more research on the solution to see if it’s possible to mix on your own with household products. I will update post if I figure out the solution mix.

The instruction is quite easy:
1.     Attach the two pieces of tree together then spread out the branches.
2.     Pour the solution into the base (bottom of the tree) and not directly on the branches.
3.     Let it stand and allow the cardboard to soak up the solution. The tree will begin to grow shortly but it may take up to a few hours to fully grow.

As simple as that you are done, the box states the tree will last 3-4days but the tree we have been the same as day one. But keep in mind since the solution is all dried up and the cardboard is dry as well the crystal will easily fall off or break. To keep the tree intact I suggest you leave it as display and not touch it nor shake it.

For a video demonstration please visit my web site:
Mystical Tree Experiment

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